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Testimonials About Sisel’s Products


Most of the food we eat today are lacking in essential nutrients and trace minerals. The reason for this is partly due to agricultural practices that rely on herbicides and pesticides – combined with repetitive over-farming. This has lead to the soil lacking in mineral content.

Scientists estimate that modern food contain about 75% fewer essential trace minerals and nutrients than our ancestors received only a century ago.

This means, we may only get a fraction of the minerals necessary for health and longevity, and scientists have linked approximately 60 common health damaging, life threatening, age reducing illnesses to trace mineral deficiency.

Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-times winner of the Nobel Prize, has said:

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment

to a mineral (a nutrient) deficiency.”


Here below you’ll find some fantastic testimonials from people whose lives and health have improved with SISEL’s products ==>


About Sarcoidosis and Diabetes, from Dani Walker:


About Psoriasis, from Janet:

Here’s our story of finding fucoidan, a natural treatment for psoriasis.

3 years ago, our two year old son was diagnosed with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. Painful, itchy sores covered his entire body including his scalp, inside his ears and on his neck and face. We were given no hope from our Doctor, so we chose to attack it with intense nutrition through diet and supplements. The program was rigorous and hard to maintain, but after 9 months his condition cleared up TOTALLY. We now know that nutrition is directly linked to healing.

A Sustainable Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

We were unsuccessful in maintaining this rigorous regimen, in his life, however and his condition returned 3 years later. This time, we were introduced to the SISEL products, Fucoydon and Eternity. After only 2 ½ weeks on these natural treatments for psoriasis, with absolutely no diet changes, the sores on his face and neck were GONE and already beginning to fade on his back. He only took the recommended doses – 1/2 oz. of each daily.

Thanks so much,

Janet  ==> http://daniwalker.com/psoriasis-fucoidan/  On this site you can also see photos of before and after results in a 2 ½ to 3 week period of being on these two products.


About Psoriasis, from Scott: 

After 30 years of trying EVERYTHING for Psoriasis from pills, creams, shots to natural psoriasis treatments, Scott started taking SISEL’s Eternity 1/2 oz. per day, after finishing the 1st bottle of Eternity, his psoriasis cleared out to 50%… and after his 2nd and 3rd bottle of Eternity, it’s gone to a 100%…

You can listen to his story here ==> http://daniwalker.com/natural-psoriasis-treatment/

or here: http://youtu.be/gaUS2d1PCus


About Weight Loss, Julie Maahs:

For me becoming one of Sisel’s Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge winners was an honor because it truly took hard work and dedication. Winning meant that my goal was met successfully. Now that I have achieved my weight loss goal, I now have the responsibility and privilege to help others do the same.I have been weight challenge all my life. I am that typical person who gets on a program, loses weight, and then regains it all. Last year I had foot surgery and started gaining all of the weight back.

When I joined Sisel, I jumped on board the 90-Day Challenge weight loss program. It worked and I hit my weight loss goal for the first time ever. Now my body is toned and I am a lean size 6!

I have muscles and abs! I have never felt healthier and fit than I do today… Thank you Sisel.

Strong is most definitely the new skinny!

Julie Maahs  ==> http://naturalwellness.myleanline.com/


About Sarcoidosis, Weight Loss and Lung Cancer, from Jacqueline:

SISEL’s Triangle of Life products were part of  improving the health of Jacqueline’s husband, who was seriously ill with Sarcoidosis.

Jacqueline herself lost 33 pounds (15 kilos) in 7 months using the Triangle of Life products and Accelerator.

The Triangle of Life products also helped one of her customers who was struggling with cancer and sarcoidosis….

Read the amazing stories here! http://www.siselinternational.com/success14.htm

In case this link is not available, you can also read it here: http://www.naturalwellnessforall.com/blog/testimonial-from-jacqueline/ 


About Chronic Lyme Disease, from Deirdre Arthur: 

About 10 years ago, Deidre, her husband and three children were all diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, an emerging infectious disease caused by at least three species of bacteria belonging to the genus Borrelia.

They have spent more than $200,000 over an 8-year period of time on different treatments. Some of these treatments included long term antibiotics, stem cell therapy, colloidal silver, Far infrared saunas, Bio Essence protocol, The Feinberg Method, Bio Cranial Technique, Cranio Biotic, and many others, including thousands of dollars’ worth of nutritional support. Many of the things they tried provided some symptom relief, but their CD57 numbers still remained unchanged.

Nine months ago, they found a supplemental treatment that actually decreased their symptoms and raised their CD57 levels significantly: FuCoyDon.

“Perhaps most amazed by this was our pediatrician”, says Deirdre. “Within the last nine months, my daughter went from a CD57 count of 18 to 60!”

Deirdre and her family have been doing many things to fight their ailments, but it wasn’t until they started taking FuCoyDon that their symptoms really began to improve and also their CD57 assay began to improve significantly, after several months of no improvement.

Read her story here: http://www.siselinternational.com/success13.htm

In case this link is not available, you can also read it here: http://www.naturalwellnessforall.com/blog/testimonial-from-deirdre-arthur/ 


About Diabetes, from Katy:

Here is another fantastic testimonial. Katy shares how she went from Type 1 to Type 2 diabetic and eventually was told she no longer has diabetes as all!!!

There are millions of people in the world with diabetes who need to hear her story.

For years Katy has been incorporating healthy diet and exercise into her life and has had great results, but she still wanted natural diabetes control.

Listen to this call with Dani Walker where she shares exactly what she is doing to control her diabetes naturally.

The supplements that Katy is taking for natural diabetes control are the following:

  • The Triangle of Life, that is FuCoyDon, Eternity and SpectraMaxx
  • TS-X
  • Brain Vitality
  • Supra Omega 3

Here is the site with more info ==> http://daniwalker.com/natural-diabetes-control/


About M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), from Janet:

For the past 20 years, I have suffered from a debilitating autoimmune condition, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Living a life in coping mode with fatigue and pain, (the most debilitating of my long list of symptoms) I had resigned myself to the fact that exercise and energy would never be something I would experience in this lifetime.

One year ago, while attempting to exercise, my body’s organs couldn’t handle the stress and I went into shock and came very near death. For the last year I have been fighting for my life using nutrition and diet to keep me from having to live on harmful corticosteroids.

After an entire year on 18 powerful supplements, I had slow progress and minimal results, but was still never able to do anything physically strenuous without experiencing the early stages of shock.

I began taking SISEL Fucoydon and Eternity and in 2 ½ weeks, I was able to exercise and actually be energized by it. The fatigue is gone and for the first time in over 15 years, I have ENERGY. The energy is steady & consistent and everyday, I have a little bit more. I feel like I am climbing out of a big black hole. Now instead of a pile of pills and slow, unsteady progress, I take two sips and I’m done. This nutrition is concentrated and powerful. And as a result, has magnified my ability to live LIFE!!!

Thank you Bob for Sharing. Not sure how to pay it back, other than to pay it forward,


“…Yet another awesome result for someone suffering with a very serious autoimmune disease. Thus far these 2 powerful liquid nutritionals (=FuCoyDon and Eternity) have helped people like my husband with Sarcoidosis, Janet with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lori with Diabetes, Scott with Leukemia and more.
These two super saturated supplements actually trigger stem cell regeneration, increase energy through mitochondria, reactivate our youth generating Sirt gene, are very powerful anti-inflammatories and more. If you want to read more scientific research click on Fucoidan (FuCoyDon) & Resveratrol (Eternity)
Your Wellness advocate & friend,
Dani Walker”

This is from Dani’s site: http://daniwalker.com/treating-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-naturally/


Here is a YouTube video where Dani Walker (Independent SISEL Distributor & Health Coach) explains more about the life changing and life improving nutritional supplements FuCoyDon and Eternity.



If you are interested to try any of SISEL’s products, you can easily order them online ==> http://www.naturalwellnessforall.com/blog/shop-online/

Please note, if you have any medical condition or you’re on any kind of medication, you should always consult with a doctor before taking any supplements, even if they are “natural”.

(I know e.g. that if you take a blood thinner medication, you should  NOT take FuCoyDon.)

For any further questions about SISEL’s products, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Do you find these testimonials fantastic?

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