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SISEL 3D Extension Lashes - Natural Wellness For All

NEW: SISEL’s Eye-Lash Extensions


NEW: SiseLash 3D Fiber Extension System!

The SiseLash 3D Fiber Extension System is your solution to long, beautiful lashes.

Sisel has found a way to give you stunning and fierce lashes that is more effective, safer, and less expensive than eye lash extension or other options on the market.

In 4 quick and easy steps, you can unleash lashes that are Simply Fierce. No mess. No fuss. Just beautiful lashes.

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The SiseLash products are packaged and delivered in a nice box!

SiseLash box_open


Natural & Toxin-FREE Mineral Makeup = A Healthier YOU

Timeless Minerals is Sisel International’s own makeup brand. The cosmetics are made of 100% natural minerals and contain no toxic chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic FD&C dyes, talc or bismuth oxychloride.

What’s in YOUR makeup?

If you’d like to know what ingredients in makeup you should avoid – because they might be potentially harmful to your skin and health, then click here:


==>> Check List To Choose Safe


…and you can request a FREE check-list and guide that can help you choose safe and toxin free when shopping your makeup, skin care and other personal care products!


Timeless Minerals Makeup Line Is Simply Amazing….!

Click here and Shop Online Now!



Ps: Makeup artists around the world are throwing out the toxins and trading them in for

==> Timeless Minerals = 100% toxin free!

Getting rid of the estrogen mimics, hormone altering toxic chemicals

and more is imperative for your health.


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  1. Lynn Beasley
    6 years ago

    I am interested in selling your 3d Lash system in my Salon could you please give me the recommended Retail price and shipping costs toMelbourne Ausrtralia yours thankful Lynn Beasley .

  2. Caroline
    6 years ago

    Hi Lynn! Thanks for your interest in the 3d Lash System, it’s AUD31.18 for this product.

    SISEL’s product are not only great, they are also free of all potentially harmful ingredients that are in many other makeup and personal care products.

    I’ll send you an email with some more info, meanwhile, you can find the retail prices and available products in Australia here: https://naturalwellness.mysisel.com/en/AU/productscategory.htm?categoryId=509

    Talk to you soon!

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