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Order Online | Natural Health and Nutritional Supplements | Natural Makeup and Personal Care Items - Natural Wellness For All

Order Online In 5 Easy Steps:

1) Go to this site: http://naturalwellness.mysisel.com  

Switch Brands To Toxin Free Products


2) Choose your Country:

On the left side of the Home Page, in the middle, you click on “Select Market”, to choose your country.

Then continue to step 3 and sign up as a Preferred Customer (or Distributor) if this is the first time you place an order from Sisel.

If you are already a Sisel Customer or Distributor, you click on Log In in the right hand upper corner to make your order.


3) Sign Up as a Preferred Customer (or as a Distributor):

Now click on => Sign Up in the upper right hand corner. It’s free to register as a Preferred Customer, and you can automatically take advantage of discounted prices. For more info about this please go to FAQ.

You’ll now get either a Customer Number or a Distributor Number, and you must choose a Password. My Sisel Distributor Number is: SWE9544409 (previously: USA8720579). You will see this on your site as “Sponsor ID”.


4) Choose the Products you want to order

You can choose the products directly online.

You’ll find the products if you either click the “Shop Online” button on the home page (in the middle and to the left) or you choose “Products” from the main menu at the top and then the products you want to order.

If you can’t find the product you want to order, it may not be available in your country yet. Please note that under:

  • “Sisel Longevity” you’ll find the FuCoyDon, Eternity and other Anti-Aging and Dietary Supplements
  • “Sisel Life” you’ll find Bath, Body & Hair products, Essential Oils etc
  • “Sisel Beauty” you’ll find Makeup and Skin Care


5) Fill in your Name, Address, Payment information etc.

Your products will be delivered to your home, in most countries by UPS, within a week.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ first and see if you find an answer, otherwise please contact me:

==>> Contact Caroline


Make your first order today and start living a Toxin-Free lifestyle!


If you haven’t already requested the “A Guide To Choose Safe”, which gives you information about and a check list

of ingredients to avoid in makeup and in other personal care products,

then you can do it here: A Guide To Choose Safe


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