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The Triangle of Life - Natural Wellness For All

The Triangle of Life


Energy, Vitality And Age Reversal


Triangle of Life_Energy

The Triangle of Life = Eternity, FuCoyDon and SpectraMaxx.

Alone, each product in the Triangle is a powerhouse. Together, they

combine to bring vitality to your day and your life.


To take good care of our bodies and to stay fit and healthy, it’s important to exercise and to eat and drink healthy so that we get all nutrients our bodies need to function properly and to support our immune system. But in our society today, this is not always so easy, even if we make an effort to eat healthy things like vegetables and fruits every day.


Most of us do NOT get enough of the important nutrients

in our daily consumption of food and drinks…


“The Triangle of Life” consists of three liquid nutritional supplements that can support your body against health challenges like: pollution and man-made chemicals that are all around us, the over-farming of the soil that has reduced fruits and vegetables’ nutritional value, diets heavy in processed foods – and they can give protection against cell-deteriorating free radicals.

Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-times winner of the Nobel Prize, has said:

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment

to a mineral (a nutrient) deficiency.”



Gives you intensive support for longevity, antioxidant defense and energy

* Turn back on your sirtuin youth genes
* Nanotechnology makes each ½- ¾ ounce serving of resveratrol-rich Eternity up to 250 times more available than encapsulated resveratrol
* Provides powerful antioxidants that work in synergistic harmony with the other products in the Triangle of Life
* Energy support so you feel like a teenager again



Takes care of the cells that take care of you

* Made from limu moui, the seaweed eaten daily by Okinawans, the longest-lived people in the world
* Intensified with all three types of fucoidan (the active biochemical): U, F, and G
* Supports a massive, healthy regeneration in your trillions of cells
* Nearly a thousand studies from the U.S. National Institute of Health show that fucoidan intensely supports energy, the immune system, and normal hormonal, glucose, circulatory, and  anti-inflammatory functions throughout almost every system in the human body



Fills in the gaps found in our modern diets

* 40 intensely powerful antioxidants from fruit, vegetable, berry, and mineral—because no single antioxidant can defend against the 2,200+ groups of free radicals in the world
* 74 essential trace minerals—recognized as vital for more than 2,000 essential biological functions
* Fulvic acid, the substance plants use to transform minerals in the soil into ionic molecules absorbable by the roots, makes the trace minerals in our formula more readily absorbable


Learn more about these fantastic life improving products here: 

=> Resveratrol (Eternity)

=> Fucoidan (FuCoyDon)

=> SpectraMaxx

=> Testimonials About TOL and more


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