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Best Resveratrol | The French Paradox - Natural Wellness For All


Have you heard about Resveratrol and

“The French Paradox”?

Eternity - A Powerful Energy and Anti-Aging Supplement


Resveratrol exists naturally in i.a. red wine, grapes and cranberries. It’s a well-known antioxidant, that helps the body fight free radicals. This means, it helps protect the cells from damage the free radicals can do, like causing different diseases.

The expression “The French Paradox” comes from an observation of the relatively low rate of coronary heart disease in France – in spite of a diet high in saturated fats and a propensity for smoking cigarettes. The regular consumption of red wine appears to be the added factor that provides some protection against heart disease.

Resveratrol might be a key ingredient that helps prevent

damage to blood vessels, reduces “bad” cholesterol and prevents

blood clots, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Now, you can find many products in the shops and on internet saying they contain Resveratrol, however all of these products are not able to provide you with all the benefits Resveratrol can offer.

Resveratrol has to be taken in high doses, in a highly bio-available form – and preferably together with other red wine polyphenols to enhance the effects of Resveratrol. Otherwise it can be easily be destroyed or degraded during the manufacturing process or in the digestive system.


SISEL International’s Eternity is Resveratrol done right.


Only 30 ml of Eternity contains 124 mg of Trans Resveratrol, as much as in 72 full-size bottles of red wine. This is important because studies show that only high amounts of Resveratrol can provide the beneficial effects of it.

Eternity’s patent pending, synergistic blend of Resveratrol, Quercetin, Catechins, and other red wine Polyphenols, reacts with an array of genes to maximize the full effects of their energetic possibilities. And this highly fortified, liquid formula tastes delicious!

More importantly, Eternity is designed to protect Resveratrol from degradation on its way through the digestive system and into the very cells themselves, since Resveratrol is easily destroyed.

Eternity is nano-sized and micelized, meaning that the nutrients go right through the membranes, directly into the lymphatic system and then into the cell – where it activates and ignites the cell.

SISEL scientists have also added a proprietary energy blend of Chá de Bugre, Guaraná, Green Tea, Bitter orange and Green Coffee Bean extracts in Eternity, to speed up your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Eternity, with its own super formula blend with i.a. Resveratrol can do a lot of good things for you.


These are the main beneficial attributes of Eternity: 


  • Contains strong antioxidants  (=therapeutic doses)
  • Supports good health and longevity
  • Gives sustained energy for your body and mind that lasts all day
  • Activates the age-slowing gene (the Sirtuin gene)
  • Helps repair and protect DNA
  • Promotes proper cellular replication
  • Promotes heart health
  • Promotes healing of skin issues
  • Promotes weight loss


You can read more about Eternity here:

=> Eternity – Promotes Energy, Health and Youthfulness

Eternity’s ingredients work at the cellular level to support the body’s ability to create incredible energy and youthful vitality, keeping your mind and body sharp and alert. Taking this super-formula just once a day may help you feel like you were a teenager again!

Some research even suggests that Resveratrol can offer protection against diseases like Alzheimer’s, since it can reduce amyloid-beta peptides in our body. These peptides are the main cause for senile plaques which happens when one suffers from the Alzheimer’s disease.

Moreover, there are people with e.g. psoriasis, eczema and diabetes, who have experienced a noticeable difference for the better, by taking Eternity on a regular basis.

If you decide to test Eternity, you should know that holding Eternity in your mouth for 60 seconds will significantly increase its absorption and bio availability to the cells!

I myself was really amazed with Eternity when I first tried it, because I really did feel that I had more energy after only taking it a couple of days. I have tried several energy drinks and other natural energy products before, but never noticed the result so quickly and so clearly as with Eternity!

Do you need more energy? Try Eternity! It tastes delicious and besides more energy, you’ll get other benefits too, like:

Strong antioxidants for

your immune system, a slowing down of the aging process,

support for your heart and healthy weight loss support! 


To order, you can easily shop online!

Here is a link to the site where you can order:

=> http://naturalwellness.mysisel.com

Choose your country and click on “Products”, or “Shop Online”, then you’ll find Eternity under “Liquid Nutritionals”. You can also click on “Product Catalog” to have an overview of all SISEL’s products.  The first time you order, you must enroll as a Preferred Customer (or as a Distributor if you want to be a distributor), and then enter your address and other information.

For more information about how to order:   => Shop Online In 5 Easy Steps 


For testimonials, go to:  Eternity


For articles about Resveratrol, please go to:



If you have any questions about this product, how to order, how to become a Preferred Customer etc, contact me here: Contact and I’ll be happy to hear from you!


By the way:

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