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SpectraMaxx – A Megatonic


SpectraMaxx Powerful Antioxidant Support


SISEL International has developed a liquid nutritional supplement “Megatonic” called SpectraMaxx. 

Just a single dose of SpectraMaxx gives your body the trace minerals it needs to support the 1,000ds of biological processes happening non-stop. It also gives you 40 highly concentrated antioxidants, from fruits, vegetables and berries, to fight the free radicals.

Why so many as 40 antioxidants you may wonder?

Well, because no single antioxidant can defend against the 2,200+ groups of free radicals in the world.


SpectraMaxx contains a broad-spectrum of

40 antioxidants and 74 essential trace minerals. No other

product even comes close to this…. 


On top of this, SpectraMaxx antioxidants and minerals are powered by organic fulvic acid. Plants use fulvic acid to transform minerals in the soil into ionic molecules absorbable by the roots.

In a similar way, SISEL uses ionic liquid minerals, which when combined or chelated with fulvates increases absorption and utilization.

Fulvic acid makes the body accept the vitamins and minerals it gets from SpectraMaxx, transforming e.g. the metallic form of iron into a form that our cells can take in and benefit from.

The truth is that most of us don’t get all the nutrition from our diet as we used to. Even when we try to eat “good food” like a home cooked meal or fresh fruit, the foods we eat today, are not the way they once were and don’t have the nutritional value they once did.

Nutritionally depleted soil and thousands of man-made chemicals have found their way into our food and environment. So even if we make an effort to eat well, we don’t get the nutrition (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc) we need to protect and sustain our bodies.

Other problems are today’s drive-thru’s and processed, artificial foods that dominate the nutritional landscape – few of us actually eat what we should.


So what’s a fast and easy solution to this?

Start taking SpectraMaxx! It’s a fast and easy

way to get all antioxidants and minerals you need!


100 years ago, our food had the nutrition we needed, and there were not many dangerous man-made pollutants.

Over the years, the environment has become more toxic, and one evidence of the effect our environment has on our health is found in the increasing cancer rate. 1 of every 2 people is likely to be diagnosed with cancer in developed nations.

Researchers at the University of Manchester studied the preserved remains of hundreds of Egyptian mummies and uncovered only a single case of cancer. Their conclusion: Cancer is man-made1.

If many health issues are man-made, can they be avoided?

At SISEL, we believe so, with a nutritional supplement like SpectraMaxx. It can provide the nutrition our diets lack and protect our cells from the decay and corrosion caused by our environment.


Are you giving your body the power and all the nutrition

it needs to function and to stay strong and healthy?


If not, start with SpectraMaxx and you will know that you give your body the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to stay fit and healthy!

You can easily order it online. Just register as a preferred customer – and you’ll automatically receive discounted prices!

Just go to: http://naturalwellness.mysisel.com/en/GB/home.htm

First choose your country, and then follow the steps. SISEL’s products are available at this moment in approx. 35 countries. If you have any questions or problems, just contact me her: Contact


Ps. SpectraMaxx contains i.a. Curcumin – you can read about its benefits here:



Feed Your Body a Feast of Nutrients For Energy, Vitality

and Age Reversal.

SpectraMaxx – the ultimate WINNER!

1Source: A. Rosalie David & Michael R. Zimmerman. Cancer: An old disease, a new disease or something in between?; Nature Reviews Cancer 2010 Oct; 10.728-733.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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