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A 12-Week Challenge For The Ultimate Body Ultimate Body Challenge - Natural Wellness For All


A 12-Week Challenge For The Ultimate Body

Ultimate Body Challenge

Win Cash, Prizes & Products! 

Most people have a desire to get healthy, look defined and lean, or change something about their outward appearance.

You can now change your body in only 12 weeks. Just join Sisel’s quarterly Body sculpting Challenge, and you’ll be connected to a support community to keep you motivated!

Get a new, beautiful, sleek physique: look defined and lean…

…PLUS qualify to win prizes like:

  • SISEL Products
  • Cold hard CASH
  • A vacation for 2 to an exotic place


This new weight loss program is built for you so you can change your body in just 12 short weeks!

In 3 easy steps you can begin your 12-week challenge for the ultimate body,

with the possibility to qualify for PRIZES based on your success!

This is how you join ==>



  • To join, become a Preferred Customer or Sisel Distributor.
  • Establish your weight loss goals.
  • Pick your Sisel Challenge Product Pack.
  • Complete your Sisel Challenge “Enter to Win” Contest information (the online form in your Distributor back office – click on Challenge tab.
  • Begin tracking your transformation.



  • Click the “Share 3 Get Yours FREE” link to learn how to earn your products for FREE!



  • Submit your story and new weight loss photos.
  • Show off your new physique in Sisel’s Social Communities.
  • Qualify for prizes based on your success!

12 Short Weeks. One New You. 


Challenges run quarterly, you can sign up any time!

Ready for the challenge?

Then go to: => http://www.naturalwellness.mysiselean.com/#

To join my team, make sure you enter SISEL ID no: SWE9544409 when signing up!

Just copy and paste the ID no. in the “Sponsor Id” box when signing up.

Any questions? Contact me here:



For more information about SISEL’s weight loss products:

=> The Ultimate Body Sculpting System


Get motivated! Get in shape! Get Prizes! 



Here below are some Q&A’s about the Ultimate Body Sculpting System:

Q: What is Your Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge?
A: Your Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge is a great way for you to set a 12-week goal for transforming your body. You can sign up at your Sisel backoffice any time!

Q: Can someone really transform their body in 12-weeks?
A: Definitely. There are a lot of changes that will take place in just 12-weeks, but the amount of change is really up to you. Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge has the products to help you achieve your goals, and the prizes to keep you motivated.

Q: Which products should I get for the best results?
A: Depending on the availability in your country choose the mix of the following products: SiseLEAN, SiselPops, UltraMaxx, ReCurve, Accelerator, Spectacular Energy, SpectraMaxx. SiseLean is the core weight loss product that you definitely need.

Q: What prizes can I win?
A: The challenge runs quarterly. There will be 4 challenges throughout the year, the prizes are quarterly and one annual.

For more info, pleased go to:  http://www.ultimatebodysculptingchallenge.com/

=> To join my team, enter Sisel ID no: SWE9544409


Here you can see the results of some action takers who transformed their bodies in 12-weeks! 

The Ultimate Body Sculpting System Works – You Just Have To Get Started And Stay Committed.

UBSC Results

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