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Natural Nutritional and Health Supplements


Scientific Breakthrough Products That Can Give You Energy, Vitality,

Age Reversal and Get You Fit and Fabulous!

For Energy, Vitality and Age Reversal

 Want To Be Strong, Energetic and Healthy? => The Triangle of Life Makes A Difference. 


Reverse Aging With TS-X

 Want To Stay Young and Healthy? => TS-X = Effective Age Reversing Supplement.


Lose Weight and Win A Prize!

 Want To Get Fit and Lose Weight? => Do It With the Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System.


Sisel International  has a broad line of super effective dietary and nutritional supplements. To see all, go here (and choose your country):

The Triangle of Life

==>> Sisel Online Shop – Triangle of Life and Age Reversal Supplements

==>> Sisel Online Shop – Dietary Supplements

==>> Sisel Online Shop – Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System


The Triangle of Life (TOL) => SISEL’s Most Prominent Health and Nutritional Products:

Eternity: A liquid nutrition that is loaded with Resveratrol. You’ll feel more energetic after taking this after just a couple of days and it tastes great! It also may activate dormant genes for more youthfulness and longevity and may also heal skin issues.

FuCoyDon: A powerful fortified patent-pending formula, which most important ingredient is Fucoidan from Limu Moui extract. Over 800 studies from the U.S. National Institute of Health show that Fucoidans intensely support increased energy, enhanced immunity and normal hormonal, glucose and circulatory functions.

SpectraMaxx: A liquid nutrition, that fills the gaps found in our modern diets by providing the broadest spectrum of antioxidants and trace minerals ever contained in a single bottle. The world’s first megatonic – with 40 antioxidants and 72 minerals!!!


TS-X => Effective Age Reversing Supplement:

TS-X: This is a product that may reverse aging! TS-X’ levels of effective ingredients are in higher concentrations than other telomere products on the market sold by physicians. Telomeres are compounds that cap the ends of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in every human cell, and their function in the body appears to be protecting the DNA in those chromosomes and the chromosomes themselves from fraying and damage. As we age, we produce less telomerase, resulting in the telomeres growing shorter. As they shorten, it’s like a clock counting down in our bodies: shorter telomeres means more fraying on the strands of DNA and chromosomes, and it results in—as scientists speculate—aging.

Fit & Fabulous => A Weight-Loss System That Works. Sign-up for Sisel’s Weight Loss Competition: 

SiseLEAN: This is an essential part of the Fit & Fabulous Weight Loss System. This creamy vanilla shake contains less than 80 calories per serving. Each delicious shake brings you closer to the hard-body you are sculpting. Fiber makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode. Protein fuels lean muscle growth, which is good for your metabolism. Vitamins energize your motor to sustain your weight management focus and discipline. Want to be lean? It begins here.  SiseLEAN – A Safe and Natural Weightloss Product. 


Are you taking any vitamins or some kinds of nutritional

or health supplements today?


Most of us need extra supplements to stay fit and healthy, because we don’t get enough antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. (You can read more about it here below:  ==>>Why Take Nutritional and Health Supplements) 

In case you take vitamins or supplements, but don’t notice any difference, then perhaps they are just passing through your body – providing you with limited or even no nutrients. Many pills and capsules contain only synthetic nutrients, that your body can’t absorb the nutrients from.

If the supplements are made of natural ingredients, the nutrients are more bio-available, meaning they are more easily absorbed in your body.

The ingredients in SISEL International’s nutritional and health supplements are not only of the highest quality, they are also evidence-based nutraceutical ingredients from nature in the most concentrated strength possible = therapeutic doses, so that maximum results can be achieved.

The main difference with SISEL’s nutritional and health supplements from other companies with similar products is that they are super saturated solutions made from scientific discoveries.


Therefore, one thing you’ll notice when you start using them

is that they are effective and work fast!


A lot of anti-aging products and nutritional products today greatly over-promise and under-deliver. It’s the other way around with SISEL’s products….

At Sisel, the scientists “research the research” to find exciting new discoveries in modern science, and bring to market spectacular products unlike the world has ever seen.

=> More About Sisel International

=> http://naturalwellness.mysisel.com/en/US/home.htm


If you’d like to test any of the products, you can easily order from this site too, just sign up as a preferred customer, and you can also take advantage of discounted prices!

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on the website’s contact form.


=> Why Take Nutritional And Health Supplements?


Many people are wondering if it’s really necessary to take nutritional or health supplements, if they eat good and nutritious food. Most people also agree to that:

Health is our most valuable asset.

Because with good health we have more possibilities to enjoy life, to do fun things and activities with friends, family, children and grandchildren. Without good health, life is more complicated and limiting.

In order to take good care of our bodies and to stay fit and healthy, it is important to exercise and to eat and drink healthy so that we get all nutrients our bodies need to function properly and to support our immune system. But in our society today, this is not always so easy, even if we make an effort to eat healthy things like vegetables and fruits every day.

The truth is that most of us don’t get all the nutrition from our diet as we used to. Even when we try to eat “good food” like a home cooked meal or fresh fruit, the foods we eat today, are not the way they once were and don’t have the nutritional value they once did. Nutritionally depleted soil and thousands of man-made chemicals have found their way into our food and environment. So even if we make an effort to eat well, we don’t get the nutrition (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc) we need to protect and sustain our bodies.


Most of us do NOT get enough of the important nutrients

in our daily consumption of food and drinks…


Another reason why we don’t get all nutrients we need is that most of us tend to eat too much frozen, processed and refined food. And this is due to that it’s convenient, it’s faster – we don’t always have the time to cook proper and healthy food, or perhaps even lack the knowledge of how to cook healthy food. As a result, many people are overfed and malnourished.


It is however important that we try to meet the recommended nutrient needs, since nutrients are vital for our body’s many different processes and for the immune system. A strong immune system can reduce the risk of infections and diseases.

Therefore, most of us need to take nutritional supplement to give our bodies the nutrients our diet does not provide for us, so that we stay healthy and can perform at our best!


Why just any vitamin pills or capsules won’t make a difference….


Are you currently taking any vitamins or some kind of nutritional or health supplements?

In case you do, but don’t really notice any benefits from doing so, the reason might be that the vitamins or supplements you take mainly contain synthetic nutrients.

Many vitamin and mineral supplements simply pass through your body – providing you with limited or even no nutrients. The problem is that many of these pills and capsules contain synthetic nutrients, often highly compressed, so your body cannot assimilate the nutrition it needs from them.

Therefore, the scientists at SISEL International developed nutritional and health supplements that work on the cellular level. This means – basically – that the nutrients are highly bio-available, that is they get easily absorbed in your body. Otherwise, they won’t be able to give you any benefits, no matter how many different nutritional supplements you’ll take.

And all SISEL’s nutritional products are made of the best natural ingredients available from nature.


With SISEL’s products you get the critical components 

like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the

fastest and most efficient way.


Another important part to get the anticipated benefits out of the nutritional supplements you take is that you get the right doses of it. Not too much and not too small.

SISEL´s Triangle of Life products: Spectramaxx, Fucoydon and Eternity, have each of them super saturated amounts of beneficial ingredients in them. You get therapeutic doses by just taking the “normal” dose of 15-30 ml per day.

For more information, visit => http://naturalwellness.mysisel.com


Feed Your Body a Feast of Nutrients – For Energy, Vitality

And Age Reversal


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