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Work With Me


A Business Opportunity


If you’re like me and my friends, your family is very important to you and you’re interested in opportunities that can improve your life.

And I’m convinced that your and your family’s health is a top priority to you. I would say that health is our most valuable asset.

With good health we have better possibilities to enjoy life more, doing fun things and activities with friends, family, children and grandchildren. Without good health, life is more complicated and limiting.


Would you be interested to know how you can improve your

life financially and at the same time improve your health?


Then keep reading! 🙂

This business opportunity in the wellness industry might be what you’re looking for.

The wellness industry is quite young, but it has grown really fast the last 10-20 years. Even the famous Richard Branson finds the growing health and wellness industry interesting! (If you’re interested you can read his article here: www.entrepreneur.com/article/225461

What I find great with working in this industry is that it’s a win-win for everyone. By encouraging healthy living and healthy eating, we can help to improve our customers’ health and wellness – and even our communities.

In contrast to the health industry, that is mainly concerned with treating the symptoms of illness, the wellness industry is concerned with preventing illnesses and making people feel stronger and healthier.

The wellness industry includes products and services like: nutritional supplements, super foods and juices, health clubs and alternative treatments such as chiropractic.


More and more people today are interested in wellness and

are looking for ways to be healthier and even to reverse aging.


The trend is growing.

Nowadays, we often find out about new products by word-of-mouth. A friend of yours tells you e.g. how he lost weight with the fantastic “abc” products. Another friend tells you how much more energy she now has after starting taking the “xyz” product and so on.

Such stories, from friends who you trust, inspire you to also try the products, if you want these results! And then you share this information with other friends…. The personal experience of friends simply makes the products more interesting and trustworthy.

This “word-of-mouth sharing” is the basics for how a network marketing company markets its products. Sisel International is a network marketing company in the health- and wellness industry.


Sisel offers toxin free personal care products, life changing

nutritional supplements, and much more…

Sisel also offers a fantastic business opportunity you can join as a distributor!

So how much do you think it costs to join Sisel as a distributor?

It only costs $20!

Compare this to what it costs to e.g. start up a franchise company…

And you directly get access to Sisel’s sales tools and training and a system (your own website where your customers easily can order online).

Additionally, you can choose the hours you work with this, you’re your own boss!

Does this sound interesting to you?

That is, to promote products that can make yourself, your family and your customers healthier – and on top of that give you an additional income stream?

Moreover, you can most likely enjoy tax benefits by having your home based business!

A home based business, can entitle you to deduct some of your costs for gas, cell phone and internet from your income, no matter how much profit you make from it! (This is of course different in different countries, but do check it out how it is in your country.)


However, before you “see” the money you have to

make the effort…


You are in network marketing to make passive residual income, right?

Here is the real time commitment it takes to more than succeed in network marketing:
1 year plan: break even
3 year plan: full time income
5 year plan: lifestyle  – travel, house, freedom
7 year plan: Retire with a passive residual income

Please note: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate business in an industry that did 29.4 billion in sales in 2011 in the USA alone!  This industry has created more millionaires than any other industry and more people are joining network marketing than any other.

Sisel is growing and expanding in 37 markets around the world.  We have multiple product lines and a seamless compensation plan. The company is debt free and the timing for health and wellness products is perfect.

So, that all sounds great, right?

But how much can you really make?


Check out the links and videos below to learn more about

Sisel’s generous compensation plan.


1) Start building your Team 3 distributors wide, and help each of them to sponsor 3 distributors as well.


Your First 3 Steps =>  First 3 Steps


2) Then continue building your Team, the larger the Team, the larger the checks!!!


How To Build Your Business => Building-Your-Sisel-Business

Here is a short video (9 min.) explaining what to do in “5 Steps to Success”:

1) How to get your ROI (return on investment), that is the $200 you invest in products you can use

2) How to get your products paid for ($200)

3) How to earn $500 per month

4) How to earn $1.000 per month

5) How to get financial freedom




Sisel offers a broad range of different kinds of products. It’s not “only” weight-loss products you can promote, or “only” nutritional supplements, or “only” makeup… it’s so much more!!! Now there is also Sisel Kaffé!

That’s another great advantage you’ll have as a Sisel distributor.


You have many different product categories to choose

 from for yourself, your family, and to promote!


I’m sure you also will find Sisel’s products fantastic if you decide to try them. Start making your home Sisel SAFE – for your own and your near one’s improved wellness and life quality – with toxin FREE Sisel products! Everyone needs shower gel, shampoo, hair gel, tooth paste, laundry detergent… But instead of buying it in your general store, you buy it from Sisel and get products that are toxin free and good for you!

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about Sisel, the Sisel products, about signing up as a preferred customer or as a distributor.

I promise – I’m a very authentic, honest and down-to-earth person, I’m not some unreachable “internet guru”! 😉

I’m part of a very successful Sisel Team, offering additional training calls about the products, the opportunity etc. every week. You can invite your prospects to these calls too!

And if you’ve checked out the links above with information about the Sisel compensation plan, you can tell that Sisel rewards you even MORE if you help your Team members to grow their downline. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s interest to support each other!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best success and wellness regards,

Caroline Karlsson

Sisel International Distributor &

Internet Entrepreneur 

Sisel ID No:SWE9544409
(previously: USA8720579)


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