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Benefits of Doing a Detox - Natural Wellness For All

Benefits Of Doing A Detox

Have you ever wondered, what the benefits of doing a detox are?

Or if it’s just a trendy thing mentioned in the health magazines now and then?

The fact is, that for most adults a detox 1-2 per year can be a real health and energy booster, and it’s also a great thing to do if you want to lose weight. 

After you do a detoxification of your body, you’ll not only feel lighter and more clear-headed … but your body will also be primed for faster, more energy-efficient weight loss.

Chances are you’ll see a drop on your scale during the first few days of your detox.

Moreover, only a clean body can absorb ALL the high quality nutrients you’re about to give it.

In case you wonder why you should start with a detox if you want to lose weight, I’ll explain it briefly.


To get rid of toxic build-ups in our bodies is THE secret

to successful, permanent fat loss.


Many weight loss programs ignore the importance of starting with a detox.

But it makes perfect sense that it’s more difficult for a clogged up, inflamed, and sugar-addicted body to lose weight and snap into shape.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to start with a gentle detoxifying cleanse.

But from where do we get toxins in our bodies?

Well, we are exposed to toxins every day from different sources, for example:

  • From what we eat and drink
  • From chemicals in personal care products and makeup we use
  • From smog and pollution in the air
  • From prescription drugs we take


And when our bodies can’t manage the overwhelm of toxins and therefore don’t eliminate all toxins and waste from our digestive system, then the toxins start building up and some people start getting problems like:

  • Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Skin Issues
  • Headaches
  • Infections
  • Weak immune system
  • Problems with bloating, as and / or constipation


Therefore, if you have any of the above mentioned health problems, there is a chance you will feel more energized and also get rid of your health problem as well if you do a detox!

However, I would recommend you do a “Gentle Detox” just like Lacy Arnold recommends in her “3 Female Fat Loss Factors” program.


SupraDetoxIf you decide to do a detox, I can highly recommend Sisel International’s detox product called SupraDetox.

It’s all made of natural ingredients, and you do it for 4 days. You can do it for 7 days if you want to.

It’s really easy, you start day 1 with 1 pill in the evening, day 2 you take 2 pills in the evening, day 3 you take 1 pill in the morning and 2 pills in the evening, day 4 you take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening. The instructions are on the jar!

However, depending on how your body reacts, perhaps you need to increase the number or pills or decrease the amount. This is individual. You may experience a headache during the 4 days, it may help if you drink more water. Otherwise you should feel fine while doing the detox, if not, stop.

If you have any serious health issues, always consult with your doctor before you start a detox or change your diet.

The ingredients in SupraDetox are mainly different herbs, that support detoxification, give support to the liver, improve the digestion, help purifying the blood, support transporting toxins out of your body.

Some of the ingredients are: Dandelion, Ginger, Bark Extract, Garlic, Fenugreek Seed and Milk Thistle. For more information about the ingredients, please go to https://naturalwellness.mysisel.com/en/US/productdetail.htm?id=2982

On this site, you can also order SupraDetox, just sign up as a preferred customer, and you automatically earn points you can later use to get products for free.

Now, just taking the SupraDetox pills is really easy to do a gentle detox, right?

But to really make it a detox, you also must plan what you eat during these 4-7 days, and preferably start a couple of days before even.

So what can you eat?

Think Natural, Organic and CLEAN.


According to Jackie Christiansen, Sisel’s nutrition specialist, you should avoid eating the following: 

Red meat, Poultry (Chicken and Turkey), Processed Meat (Sausages, Burgers etc), Milk and Dairy products, Egg, Butter, Salted nuts and similar, Sweets, Sugar, Alcohol, Tea and Coffee.

And this is what you CAN eat:

Fresh, organic fruit and berries (not canned), juicing and smoothies (no added sugar), fresh and organic vegetables, onions, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bruxelles sprouts, beans, lentils, organic tofu, quorn, oats, fish – that is wild caught – eg cod, trout and salmon. You can also eat natural yogurt (non-sweetened).


Natural Nutriional Supplements

I know, it’s really hard to totally change what you eat…

In my opinion, I’m not an expert but I’ve read and studied this subject a lot – when doing a detox, some of the most important things to avoid are sugar, processed foods, wheat and gluten, red meat, alcohol and coffee (caffein).

You can also add avocado, brown rice and chicken (no skin) to the menu if you find it hard to only eat fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

You must remember to drink lots of water, around 3-5 litres per day (approx 1 gallon).


Why is it important to drink a lot of water?


It’s good for your liver and kidneys. If you drink enough water, then your kidneys can flush away all the toxins.

If you’re not drinking enough water, then your liver has to take up the slack, meaning that instead of powering your digestion and metabolism full-force, your liver has to slow things down to take care of the “backlog” from the kidneys…

Therefore, to help your liver burn fat optimally, make sure you drink plenty of water.

And avoid using any artificial sweeteners or additives in your water. Purified water is always best, if you want some taste added to it, use lemon or strawberries or some other fruit. Here are some suggestions: http://www.naturalwellnessforall.com/blog/naturally-flavored-water/

Please note, if you’re pregnant or nursing, you shouldn’t do any detox (ask your doctor).


Good luck with your detox, and let me know

if you have any questions!




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