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About the Job and the Income Potential - Natural Wellness For All

About the Job and the Income Potential


About the Job and the Income Potential  


Your job with Network Marketing (MLM) is about building networks and marketing!

The main things you need are a computer and the Internet, to promote and market the business opportunity and the products. You choose how you want to do the marketing, do what feels right for you and what you do best – but do not “chase” your friends and family – that is not the right thing to do! 😉

For some information about how to attract the right people to your business and how to start marketing on a budget, I highly recommend you check out this FREE 10-day bootcamp:


Attraction Marketing Formula

I mainly do my marketing online, by means of ads, articles, blogs, banners, social media, websites etc to reach out to the market and get leads (=get in contact with interested prospects).


Here is a link to Ray Higdon’s blogging course if you want to do blogging. Ray is really successful at what he’s doing and this is one of his best courses ever, I can highly recommend it!

Then when you got leads – you must follow-up with the them and give those who are seriously interested more information. The follow-up is key. Some of the leads will then decide to become either Independent Distributors or Preferred Customers (who may decide to join as Independent Distributors later on).

Your job is then to keep supporting, guiding and educating your Team – and of course continue with your marketing and prospecting as well – if you want to build a big network and make lots of money!


Take Advantage of All Tools Available For You


Most network marketing / MLM companies offer several useful tools to support their Independent Distributors and their marketing efforts. Some of them use:


  • Webinars (online meetings) to give information about the company, the products, the compensation plan (=cash flow classes) etc, some are trainings for existing distributors and some webinars are arranged to invite people to, that is people who are interested in the products or the business opportunity
  • Videos on the Company website about the company, the products, the income possibilities etc that you can learn from and also can send to people who are interested
  • Events taking place in different countries where you can learn from “the Best” in the industry how to be successful etc
  • Your own Company website for a minor monthly fee presenting the products, how to make money, testimonials and so on


Besides online marketing, you should also do offline marketing. 

Here are just a few examples of what you can do offline: 


  • Inform your friends, other people you know and people you meet occasionally, that you have just started an Internet business within the health and wellness (or XYZ) industry – and that if they are interested you would be happy to present it for them – or to email them some information about this. Tip: Ask your best friends for feedback on your presentation, what you can improve, what is unclear etc.
  • Ask people you know for referrals, if they know anyone you could contact who they think might be interested in your opportunity (it is good if they first inform these people that you will contact them)
  • Ask people you would like to work with directly if they would be interested to join you and this opportunity.

Another way of offline marketing is handing out your business card to people you meet with some intriguing message or invitation to get their attention. Use your imagination!

For some free training on recruiting, check out Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting videos!


Other Useful Tools For Your Business


Other useful tools for your work you should acquire – if you do not have them already – are Skype and PayPal. With Skype you can get free or much less expensive telephone calls, and with PayPal you can handle incoming and outgoing payments in an easy way.

Both are available online – for free! With Skype it depends on what subscription you choose, but you pay much less when calling with Skype via Internet than using your home telephone or mobile.

For further information, go to: www.skype.com and www.paypal.com

Now you have some basic information about this business opportunity, how to get started, and what the job is about. I hope you feel inspired and cannot wait to get started with your own business!

But first you are probably curious to know how much money you can make with this business opportunity???!!! Then continue to The Income Potential! 


The Income Potential

The income per month can be $500, $1000, $5000, $10.000 or even more….!!!  It is totally up to you how much money you will make each month.

Your job is to promote the business opportunity and the products. And how well you succeed in doing this, that is how many Distributors or Team Members you enroll into your team to join the business opportunity – so they start building their own networks etc – and how many products you and your team sell, that is what you get rewarded for from the company, through bonuses and commissions.

Ask to see the the company’s compensation plan in detail before you join.

However, I should mention here, that in Network Marketing the most important thing to make money is to create volume. You can create volume in three ways:


1) Products you buy and use yourself

2) Products you sell to customers 

3) Enroll people – Sponsor Distributors / Team Members (TM:s) 

As you probably have figured out already: The best and fastest way to create lots of volume is to enroll people and build a big Team.

To understand the difference of having customers or TM:s in your network, think about this:

If you have 10 customers in your network, that is they buy products for themselves only, then your commission will be based on the 10 customers x the sales amount of the products.

Whereas if you enroll 10 Team Members to your network and they enroll 10 Team Members each in their networks as well, then you will earn commissions on the sales volume of 110 Team Members (= your 10 personally enrolled Team Members, your 1st generation, and the other 100 Team Members, your 2nd generation).

And what if you would sponsor 100 TM:s… The numbers become mind-blowing!!! Just imagine how many it would be if also those 100 TM:s sponsor 10 TM:s each, and they in their turn sponsor 10 each…..!!!


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