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Lose Weight with Natural and Safe Products - Natural Wellness For All

Lose Weight with Natural and Safe Products


Lose Weight with Natural and Safe Products



Have you ever felt like you know EXACTLY what you should eat, like more fruit and veggies, and NOT to eat, such as french fries, pizza, chips etc.

But you KEEP eating what you shouldn’t eat – and then you feel really guilty about it?

It’s hard to change the habits, even though it sounds so easy. But if you join a group and follow a program that motivates and supports you, it’s easier.

If you join the SISEL challenge, you become part of a family – the UBSC community. You can share your success, trade tips and recipes, form goal groups, inspire each other, and feel like someone’s always there for you. And, you can qualify for prizes based on your success!


If you take the SISEL challenge – it will be easier for you to follow

through with your weight loss goals. Decide to join today.

Stomp out of procrastination and take action!


And you can’t afford NOT to use SiseLEAN!

In case you hesitate to join the SISEL challenge because of the price of the products, consider this:

1) SISEL’s weight loss products are made of safe and natural ingredients, offering spectacular, unparalleled support for fat burning, lean tissue building, and appetite control.

2) Since you exchange 1-2 meals per day with a highly nutritious SiseLEAN shake – you save money spent otherwise on expensive food and veggies!

3) If you know 3 people who also need to lose some weight and you share this information with them, they might also start using this product – and you get yours for FREE!

4) If you lose weight and get in better shape – you’ll also improve your health. Meaning, this will save you money in the future, because it’s expensive to NOT be healthy  with doctor’s bills, medication bills, absence from work etc. 

5) When you’ve reached the desired weight goal, you’ll eat less automatically. Eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive! Shop smart and plan your meals ahead do take advantage of discounts and special offers.

6) If you take the SISEL weight loss challenge seriously – you might be a winner of one of the PRIZES!

For more information about SISEL’s Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge, a great way for you to set a 12-week goal for transforming your body,  please go here:


I’d like to tell you more about the great benefits of the main product of SISEL’s weight loss products, SiseLEAN, and what makes it superior to most of other shakes on the market.

SiseLEAN is a vanilla shake with less than 80 calories per serving, and you can exchange 1-2 meals during the day with this shake. Each delicious shake brings you closer to the hard-body you are sculpting. The patented designed fiber makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode.

Want to be lean? It begins here.


Serum proteins fuel lean muscle growth, which is good for

your metabolism. Vitamins energize your motor to sustain your

weight management focus and discipline.

Sisel utilizes Micellar casein bonded with calcium ions and whey protein concentrates that are natural, highly purified, and super filtered at low temperatures to save and concentrate the effective properties within them.

This combination contains an exquisite array of highly influential natural peptides and polypeptides offering spectacular, unparalleled support for fat burning, lean tissue building, and appetite control.

The next best thing to the ingredients that are in SiseLEAN are the ingredients that are NOT in it. Continue reading, and I’ll explain why there is e.g. no SOY in it…


SiseLEAN contains:

 * NO soy or non-GMO soy with its phytoestrogens and its potential for: endocrine disrupting properties, metabolic syndrome, lowering metabolic rate, carcinogenic potential Aflatoxins, and herbicides and pesticides – because soy is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world.

 * NO crude Whey Protein Concentrates, denatured by heat (which destroys the actives) to kill the puss, bacteria and microbial contamination including Aflatoxin; it also has potential contamination by hormones, insecticides, atrazine, herbicides.

* NO Sodium in caseinates

* NO Retinyl A Palmitate or Vit A Palmitate (carcinogens).


Here below is some “deeper” clarification from SISEL’s CEO Tom Mower Sr. about SiseLEAN and its benefits and advantages compared to similar products:

How is the SiseLEAN whey protein processed? Which are the advantages to similar products?

To use whey’s specific protein, mineral and peptide power and to avoid toxins and other health damaging ingredients within whey, SISEL uses specially extracted ingredients.

Whey proteins that are very pure, highly refined and specific in nature and purpose, with natural proteins not denatured by heat and purified by Micellar processing to remove hormones, milk fats, pesticides & herbicides, lactose and all the negative constituents found within it. The proteins are very pure, full of peptides and amino acids in their natural state and highly concentrated for maximizing their usefulness in the product.

Why does SiseLEAN use whey instead of soy protein?

It has long been thought that soy was healthy, but much of the potentially harmful side effects it contains has been hidden by the industry.


Soy is perhaps the most toxic laden, chemically

contaminated product in agriculture.


Extremely large doses of toxic herbicides and pesticides are sprayed repeatedly while it’s growing. Processers can and often do ferment or heat soy to very high temperatures to try and combat parasites and other microbials. In doing so, the proteins become denatured and broken down into a mush like mix of degraded proteins. Toxins can be very stable and may still be present in large quantities.

But why do many meal replacement products contain Soy if it’s no good?

Many weight loss meal replacements utilize soy for the protein content in it and because it is very low cost to use.

Moreover, many studies show that soy protein for weight loss causes both fat and lean loss. Losing fat, but also quite a bit of lean – is a losing process.

SISEL will not use soy because of the potential for toxins, the contradictive potential health damaging factors associated with the variety of ingredients found within soy. For SISEL the choice is simple. With so many potentially serious health damaging side effects for men, women, children and the unborn, SISEL will not risk soy’s use in the products.

Soy is cheap to buy and inexpensive to use. However the product developers at SISEL believe it may adversely affect weight loss and make it easier to regain weight. The loss of lean is such a serious health issue that it justifies avoiding soy. Then the potential health damaging aspects of all the biologically negative ingredients contained within soy makes using it a forgone conclusion not to do so.


SISEL’s goal with SiseLEAN is to: burn fat, build muscle & bone,

create energy, greatly improve health, build lean tissue and organs,

satisfy and suppress hunger andgive a long lasting feeling of

fullness from this advanced low calorie nutrition.


In comparison, the meal replacement products based on soy and soy-whey combinations are very inexpensive to make. $2-3 for a bag lasting two weeks is an estimation of the average cost. Mr Mower believes SISEL could make it for that price. SISEL’s meal replacement SiseLEAN costs more.

Why?  Because to really lose weight fast, healthy, and safe – and be able to keep it off – takes spectacular ingredients.

This is how SISEL builds products. While soy meal replacements may lose both muscle and fat, with the main reason being low calories without any real biological support, SISEL’s highly advanced products and system, will create truly amazing results both long and short term.


Maltodextrin is in SiseLEAN. Wikipedia says Maltodextrin is easily digested and absorbed as rapidly as glucose, so where does the resistance part come in?

Maltodextrin is easily digested but we do not use this form. The Fibersol we use is a patented process and creates a different type of maltodextrin compound designed to keep it from digesting fast and greatly slows its rate. It’s also organic, so it absorbs toxins as it moves through the digestive system. It also binds to “ghrelin receptors” which signal hunger pangs, thus blocking the production of ghrelin and the signal to the brain it delivers. Fibersol then stimulates “satisfaction receptors” which produce PYY hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied.


For more information about SISEL’s Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge – a great way for you to set a 12-week goal for transforming your body, click the link:


 =>  Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge


Remember: In 3 easy steps you can begin your 12-week quest

for the ultimate body, with the possibility to qualify for

PRIZES based on your success!!!


Here are the easy steps:


  • Establish your weight loss goals.
  • Pick your Sisel Challenge Product Pack.
  • Complete your Sisel Challenge “Enter to Win” Contest information.
  • Begin track your transformation.



  • Click the “Share 3 Get Yours FREE” link to learn how to earn your products for FREE!



  • Submit your story and new weight loss photos.
  • Show off your new physique in Sisel’s Social Communities.
  • Qualify for prizes based on your success!



Sign up here: =>  Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge


Please note:

If you decide to join the challenge and want to sign up in my Team, then you need my SISEL Distributor ID: USA8720579


If you have ANY questions, just connect with me!!! => http://www.naturalwellnessforall.com/blog/contact/

Make up your mind to take the challenge NOW!

You can do it!




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